Monday, September 14, 2015

TRACKER blog post

What I learned....
I learned that velocity and different types of energy such as potential and kinetic energy can be written down in a graph, they can be measured and compared I also learned that accuracy is important while doing this type of experiments, I noticed this when using the app and having to identity how much a meter was.

how does the kinetic energy of an object affect the speed of an object?
The kinetic energy of an object affects the speed by how fast it goes, the gravitational energy that had the car during the car and ramp experiment while it went down the ramp affected the speed by the force it had and how the gravity forced the car down the ramp in a different speed depending on how high the ramp was.

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  1. Good. This is nice and clear, but you need to refer to the graphs for proof. Refer to the graphs in the summative and compare their shapes.