Saturday, September 26, 2015

Making Tea

During this experiment we noticed that on cold water the atoms that the tea had (scent, color) were moving slowly around while in the hot water the atoms moved slowly and the color spread through the water quicker. We got to the conclusion that the heat energy makes the atoms spread faster from the tea bag than they did in cold water, and from what we learned in class atoms move when they obtain energy, and that is why we cant see them during experiments, that how we discovered that what the tea had were atoms.

On Hot Water:

  • the bag is bloated up 
  • the scent releases from the bag instantly 
  • the color on the tea bag changed
  • heat energy changes the atoms on the tea
On Cold Water:
  • The tea bag floats at the start
  • the scent releases slowly
  • atoms on the liquid are slowly moving

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